Our customers demand the highest quality. That’s why we only use methods that reflect the latest state of the art. We can also draw on our extensive range of experience. Our commitment to quality products and services has a long history. To realise this commitment, Habich has implemented a process-oriented quality and environmental management system that helps continually improve our operations and our products. HABICH is certified according to ISO DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.

Individuality, quality and productivity More than mere words? At HABICH, you can bet on that! Individuality, quality and productivity as our top priorities at HABICH.

INDIVIDUALITY on the basis of reliable, trust-based collaboration with our business partners.
QUALITY based on years of experience, successful integration of new research and development methods, and accurate input controls, tests during production, and quality checks on the finished product.
PRODUCTIVITY based on the continuous integration of innovative technologies in our company’s production and communications.

The client sets the tone. Before the project begins, we work with you to define your specific processing criteria and we then conduct practical tests of our proposed product to ensure that it delivers the properties and colour promised. In addition, you will receive detailed technical information about the processing and material properties of the colours and additives and only after reviewing the documents will we ask you to take a decision. Only when we can meet 100% of your requirements will HABICH begin the production process, which will always be subject to strict quality controls.

As a colourant specialist, we are constantly striving to expand our broad, differentiated range of colours in different kinds of media. Offering custom colours is our focus.

By this we mean:

  • extensive consulting
  • identifying the specific requirements for further processing
  • and final product
  • determining the optimal preparation for the colorant
  • practical feasibility tests in the development department
  • controlled quality in all stages of production
  • detailed, differentiated technical information about the processing and
  • properties of the material
  • on-site customer service

We have also developed a range of products for colouring plastics that reflect the wide range of applications for such materials. Our qualified team members work intensively on optimising our production methods with their technical expertise and professionalism. Our company uses the latest technology and highly automated production processes to produce different products in any quantities to meet your needs.