Furniture Industry - Colours for every design

Whether elegant, colourful or dazzling - the design of furniture is thought through down to the smallest detail. Accordingly, the choice of colour and a harmonious overall appearance of your products are important. In addition to our wide range of colours, our specialists develop new formulations and colour effects every day. We can thus provide coated surfaces such as translucent chairs or iridescent laminate with impressive effects. We also have the right answer for hard-wearing furniture. Our combination masterbatches can be equipped with additives in all colours, for example, to make garden furniture UV and weather resistant. IR reflective cool colours can also be used. These special pigments reflect the heat of the sun as well as UV radiation and thus prevent excessive heating of the coloured final item. The right colour shade for polymer covers and screws or section strips is essential for a uniform design. HABICH FARBEN develops individual colour formulations for your products in order to match the shade of the additional parts exactly to your piece of furniture with guaranteed tightest colour tolerances. 


Suitable products from Habich Farben