Packaging - The perfect look

The eye has a taste as well, they say. The same applies to the appearance of your products. Attractive packaging contributes significantly to a customer's purchase decision. Especially in the fields of cosmetics and food, HABICH FARBEN has a large selection of colourants for colouring of soap dispensers, bottles, caps, tubes, canisters and much more. Make your goods a real eye-catcher and rely on special colour accents. Translucency and transparency, metallic effects, mother of pearl and silver gloss, glitter  and flip-flop, afterglow colours, fluorescent, photo-chrome, thermo-chrome, marble or matte effect - we have the right look for your products. You can find an overview of the trendy colours and effects in our trend catalogues. Furthermore, our standard colour range is convincing with an unbeatable price-performance ratio and fast availability.

In addition to our guarantee for consistent quality, close colour tolerances and high reproducibility, our large colour database and formulation software ensures precise colour adjustment. Moreover, we take the relevant standards and regulations of the packaging industry, such as REACH or FDA, into account in our colour solutions. In addition, we can add a variety of additional functions to the properties of your product packaging, such as anti-static finish, product protection based on UV absorbers or laser inscribability. Of course, our portfolio also includes colourants based on bio-compostable carrier systems and bio-based colourants


Suitable products from Habich Farben