HABISOL Liquid Colours | More colour for your products

„Less is more“ is often said so beautifully. With HABISOL Liquid Colours, this proverb hits the mark - rather hits the colour. HABISOL Liquid Colours can be used universally in almost all plastics. The perfect dispersion of pigments or dyes allows a very homogeneous dispersion in the material to be coloured and a smaller dosage amount of liquid colourant. For example, the dosage amount of colour concentrate added to the plastics to be coloured is usually less than one percent. This in turn gives you the benefit of lower colouration costs. In addition, our HABISOL Liquid Colours are characterised by a wide range of possible applications in plastics processing and, in particular, for transparent colouring. As a reliable partner, we naturally support you in complying with legal regulations such as the BfR or FDA. Sustainability is also a top priority at HABICH FARBEN. Moreover, with our HABISOL BIO Liquid Colours We offer you colourants for use in plastics which are biobased and can be compostable and meet the criteria of DIN EN 13432 with regard to bio-compostability if required.
HABISOL Effect Liquid Colours | For a particularly glamorous appearance
As a colour specialist, HABICH FARBEN has been working for centuries on new formulations and techniques in order to be able to present you with ever new colour creations.

Moreover, HABISOL Effect Liquid Colours are available for the first time with trendy metallic effects. The resulting JEWELRY Collection offers you completely new application possibilities for exclusive gloss effects.


HABISOL Liquid Colours with system

Are you looking for a solution for resource-saving, clean and efficient colouration of plastics? HABICH FARBEN has the answer:

The HABISOL Liquid Colours combination system with suitable dosing pump.


How does the colour dosing system work?

  • The liquid colourant is delivered in suitable containers, for example, cubitainers.
  • The pump with specific injection moulding and extruder applications ensures easy handling.
  • The uncomplicated replacement of the colour tube enables quick colour changes.
  • The closed system prevents colour contact in the process.
  • The optimal homogeneous distribution of the colour ensures a high-quality colour result.


Your benefits

  • Direct influence on product quality through adjustment of process parameters and colour dosing.
  • The liquid colours can be used universally for a variety of plastics.
  • Maximum production efficiency through shorter production throughput times.
  • Small and very small quantity dosing possible.
  • Free of solvents as well as high light and temperature