Colourant Pastes

Colourants in a paste form is highly concentrated and finely milled for use in a variety of materials. This medium is adapted specifically to its intended application.

HACOSOL colourant pastes in a highly concentrated, finely milled form are suitable for colouring a variety of materials such as polyurethane, polyester, PVC pastes, silicone sealants, and many more. They are used in the automotive, transportation, textile, toys, solar, and architectural coating industries, among others. By using distinct, state-of-the-art production technologies, finely dispersed colourant pastes can be produced in a wide range of viscosity grades. This medium is adapted specifically to its intended application. This allows the colour to be worked into the final material without trouble, eliminating processing difficulties that might arise. We offer an extensive range of paste products in media chosen specifically for your needs. PVC is increasingly using more phthalate-free media and the demands on products are becoming ever higher. HABICH specialises in meeting every one of your requirements. Approvals from the FDA, BfR, or as required by children’s toy regulations are no problem for HABICH.

Our expert selection of pigments for the HACOSOL colourant pastes is reflected in the excellent light, weather, and migration verisimilitude and temperature and chemical resistances. Mono-pigment pastes often play an important role and therefore require many years of experience. HACOSOL colourant pastes are set apart for their adapted rheological property and a high pigment concentration. We work with you to develop the optimal technical solution that offers the best value for the money.