Liquid Colors

Liquid colourants are suitable for use in many fields of plastic processing and have become indispensable for transparent colouring.

HABISOL liquid colourants can be used in injection moulding and extrusion processes. Our HABISOL liquid colourants are characterised by the high quality and high concentration of pigments or dyes. A perfect dispersion of the pigment or dye allows less to be used, often as little as 1%, resulting in lower dyeing costs in your plastics manufacturing. These liquid colourants have become especially indispensable for use in colouring transparent plastics. It is the medium that makes the diversity and flexibility of HABISOL liquid colourants so versatile. These colourants are characterised in particular by optimal homogeneous distribution, the ability to be used in different dosing systems and in many areas of plastics colouring.

HABISOL liquid colourants are used, for example, in packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, automotive, household and garden, toys, sports and leisure, office products, containers, etc.. HABISOL liquid colourants are state of the art. We are happy to document for you regulatory approvals according to BfR, FDA, etc. In order to offer you the best quality possible, we obtain our materials exclusively from well-known, leading providers on the market.