The plastic granules contain pigments and/or dyes in concentrated form, in a suitable medium adapted to the properties of the end product.
Additives such as UV stabilizers and antistatics can also be added.

Products in any shape and colour

Whether for packaging, cosmetics or children‘s toys - the granular HACOPLAST Masterbatches provide you with a high-quality colourant that can be flexibly used for a variety of plastics, including filled and reinforced types. Masterbatches offer the benefit of high process reliability, as they are clean and can be optimally processed, and can also be supplemented with additives, for example, for UV stabilisation or anti-static finishing. When formulating, we naturally observe the requirements of legal regulations such as, for example, FDA (the US Food & Drug Administration), BfR (the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) or the European Toy Safety Standard.

You receive our HACOPLAST Masterbatches in the form of:

  • Classic strand granules in different granulation sizes.
  • Micro-granules for a particularly good distribution during dosing which is produced by underwater granulation.

HACOPLAST Colour Masterbatch

  • Colouration of plastics individually matched to the properties of your raw material.
  • Colour settings according to colour samples, Pantone, RAL, NCS, HKS or according to colorimetric values of the CIE L*a*b* colour space.
  • Opaque, transparent or translucent settings
  • All HACOPLAST Colour Masterbatches can be additionally equipped with effect pigments or IR- reflective cool colours.

HACOPLAST Effect Masterbatch

  • You can set the perfect scene for your products with special colour effects.
  • A selection of our colour effects: Metal effect, mother of pearl and silver gloss, glitter and flip-flop, luminescent, fluorescent, photo-chrome, thermo-chrome, marble, matting.


  • We develop customer-specific masterbatches based on bio-compostable carrier systems.
  • Colour solutions for bio-plastics such as PLA and for plastics made from renewable raw materials such as the carrier material, Bio-PE.
  • We also produce BIO Masterbatches according to EN 13432.

HACOPLAST Combination Masterbatch

  • Combination masterbatches are colour masterbatches with additional product benefits.
  • The properties of the end product are optimised by adding process auxiliaries or additives.
  • Possible properties: UV stabilisation, optical brighteners, anti-static agents, laser marking for marking and lettering, lubricants.
  • UL certification for selected projects is possible.