Powder Pigments

Formulated specifically for each application, especially for sintering, extrusion and injection moulding in the plastics industry. Powder pigments can be used in restoration and painting, concrete & plaster dyeing, etc..

HACONOL powder pigments are versatile and customisable. HABICH’s expert formulations come from a production history going back to the pan mill and including today’s highly modern process engineering solutions. The composition of HACONOL powder pigments is individually formulated for the intended application. Powder pigment preparations can be adjusted to be low-dust, easy to dispense, or free-flowing. They are particularly well suited for use in sintering, extrusion, and injection moulding as well as in the manufacture of paints and coatings. HACONOL powder pigments are used, for example, in packaging, electronics, automotive, household and garden, toys, storage technology, and many other applications. HACONOL powder pigments are made with organic and/or inorganic pigments, fillers and additives.

Depending on the application, we ensure that HACONOL products deliver the optimal, true colours in all light and weather conditions as well as heat and chemical resistance. They are characterized by long-lasting stability whilst being stored. When mixing individual batches, we achieve optimal uniformity and pre-dispersion of colour. This makes them usable without any specks or streaks. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver special variants and solutions for your needs. HABICH provides powder pigments for various applications in the areas of restoration and painting, concrete and plaster dyeing. We also offer a wide range of media for special colourants, including dental plaster, wax products, varnishes, and emulsion paints, etc..

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