Ready pigment preparations for various applications, tailored to your need. Or we can mix, knead, and roll your raw materials on a contract basis.

We work with you to develop customized preparations for any application in liquid, paste, or powder form. We know how to formulate colourants for geo-textiles and wood chips as well as colouring rubber granules, mineral preparations with lots of fillers for fireproof preparations, hobby paints (such as acrylic, finger and water colour paints, coloured chalks), pastes for machine dyeing, decorative coatings, turf marking paints, and non-conducting resins. We also support your product colouring processes. There are virtually no limits to the ideas and solutions we can pursue. We work together with you to develop the optimal technical solution for your needs. Speak to us today.

HABICH makes the world more colourful. We have many years of experience in colouring, application and process technologies in various fields. We produce batches based on your recipe ranging in size from small quantities or to tonnes of product professionally, economically and quickly. We guarantee optimal processing technologies through our continuous improvement process. Our employees constantly receive further education and training to keep them up-to-date on the latest developments in our industry. Confidentiality is a matter of course for us. With flexible equipment, we can handle almost any production need. We have a wide range of dissolvers, ultraturrax, roller mills, kneaders, pan mills, mills, mixers, extruders, and filling machines.