Sampling - Quality on trial

You are looking for the suitable colour preparation for your product and want to ensure in advance that the colour shade also achieves an optimum result under your own production conditions? Then HABICH FARBEN is the right partner for you. We produce a product sample for you according to your wishes, which you can test extensively in your production. In addition to a price offer and technical documentation, you will receive test specimens on request in order to get a better picture of the colour result. Colour settings can be made according to individual colour templates, Pantone, RAL, NCS, HKS or according to colorimetric values of the CIE L*a*b* colour space. We also have a database with more than 80.000 formulations. To ensure that the colour exactly matches your ideas, we work closely with you right from the sampling stage and advise you on all questions relating to processing properties, proofing or tooling- and processing technology.